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Texas Boys is Crunk on Y'all

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7th June 2007

____naazla12:31pm: NLT FAN SIGHTING. lolz

whaddup hoes?  
last night, me and mah boys Shvz and Crassmaster saw Justin "JJ" Thorne:

from left to right:  Crassmaster, Shvz, JJ, and ME!


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23rd May 2007

____naazla10:52pm: Nick Mervis

You can hear Nick's current projects at his Music MySpace.

He dates the chick in the "zomg" icon at the left.  

she looks like this now:

all the time.

love, Alexa

Current Mood: giddy

19th May 2007

____naazla11:26pm: Seriously WTF?!?!

Ok so like, this community is like 3.4 seconds old and already nltfans comes into being. Not cool man, not cool. Why you gots to be steppin on my turf? jk smile. it's all good.

On the real real, i <3 V!

Current Mood: butthurt
____naazla10:11pm: Open!

So this community is open to provide fun and less than accurate information about NLT.  

Current Mood: crazy, sexy, cool
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